Virtual Viewings & Valuations

At James Anderson, we understand the importance for people to view the property that you are buying or renting in person, but due to the current Government coronavirus social distancing restrictions, this is not possible. So, as company we have implemented property video tours.

We are working with homeowners and landlords to allow them to film a property video tour, as well as viewings. Our team are also busy carrying out valuations, which can now also be done virtually.

How do virtual viewings and valuations work?

There are two ways in which virtual viewings and valuations work:

Recorded Video Tours

Where the seller or tenant/landlord will record their own property video tour by either using their mobile phone, tablet or camera.

The video tour consists of a walk through of the property where it can even include a comment on each room or area.

When a video tour is recorded by a tenant, the landlord will need to approve the video before it is shared with and any potential tenants.

Live video calls

We also offer live video calls to perform virtual viewings or valuations. This can easily be done with any smartphone video call feature or other third-party platforms (such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, etc).

All of the options above are easy-to-use platforms that allows all parties to view live what is being shown on their screen.

When using live video calls for viewings, the owner or tenant/landlord will walk a James Anderson office Manager and the potential buyer or tenant through the property.

If using live video calls for valuations, the owner or tenant/landlord will walk a James Anderson office Manager through the property.

The advantage of using live video calls for property viewings, is that the potential buyer or tenant can ask questions, and these can be answered immediately.

How are we marketing our virtual viewings and valuations?

James Anderson continues to market our virtual viewing and valuations services across our extensive network, including our website, online portals, social media and database.

Any properties that offer virtual viewings will have their property details web page updated, so that potential buyers or tenants can see that this is an option.

Also, properties listed on Rightmove will have an ‘online viewing’ label on the listing (although potential buyers or tenants have to contact James Anderson to view the video tour).

Our team will be on hand, as always, to discuss our rental and sales properties, our neighbourhoods, and to answer any questions you may have. After the virtual viewing, they’ll guide you through the next steps of referencing (which is also all done online, so there is no need to come into the office).

If you would like to book a viewing, get in touch by calling 0208 487 9099 for sales or 0208 487 9090 for lettings; or by hitting “book a viewing” button on the property you are interested in, and we will walk you through everything.

If you would like to arrange a virtual valuation, please call 020 8876 7222 or email [email protected].


For more advice on managing your property during the pandemic, visit our coronavirus page. 

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