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Landlords! When was the last time you booked a rental valuation?

6 months ago
Landlords! When was the last time you booked a rental valuation?

ZooplaZooplaWhy should you get a rental valuation?

As a new or existing landlord, you want to keep clued up with the market and benefit from a good rental valuation. Determining accurately how much rent to charge optimises your investment and creates a balance between maximising property income without overcharging tenants. This attracts long-term tenants who are prepared to pay fair prices, which guarantees a good return on investment. It can also support landlords in adhering to regulatory requirements. A good agent can advise you on how much rent to charge, enabling you to budget for the upkeep and improvements of your property. This keeps your buy-to-let property competitive in the rental market and makes for a better tenant-landlord relationship.  

Things to consider when determining your property’s rental valuation:  


A good agent will figure out which sector of the market best suits your property. Perhaps you have already decided that you are aiming at the young professional, student, or retirement markets, or have you created an ideal family home? If you have not decorated yet or your property needs improvement, your agent will be best placed to advise you.  


Understanding the true rental value of your property is intrinsically linked to levels of demand. Agents utilise databases and years of knowledge of the property market to understand the scale of demand for your property. This will be pivotal in understanding your investment.  

Your property’s location 

The location of your property is influential; however, it’s not all about the postcode. Sought-after and up-and-coming areas will add value. Proximity to transport links and good schools is ideal for families. Located in a beautiful rural area, or an inner-city location, shops and other amenities also play a part in adding to your property’s rental valuation.   Is your property furnished or unfurnished?

Is your property unfurnished, partially furnished, or fully furnished?

A fully furnished property could command a higher rent. Having said that, providing a property without furniture does not put you at a disadvantage, and you will not be responsible for the upkeep of any furniture or appliances that you do not own.

The condition of your property

Needless to say, if your property is in good condition or has been recently refurbished, then it will be more desirable to tenants and will affect how much rent you can charge. A good agent will also be able to advise you on where to spend on alterations, if that is something on your to-do list.  

What do you need to prepare for a rental valuation?

Making your property presentable and in good order and having all the right paperwork to hand, such as gas safety certificates or deeds, is always a good idea. If your property needs painting, re-decorating, and decluttering, it helps to carry this out before you have it valued. After that, your agent will do the rest. In fact, with a fully managed service, your agent’s maintenance team may be able to prepare your property to let, depending on the work that needs to be carried out.

Find the hidden rental value of your property by booking a rental valuation

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