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New year, new home, new beginning?

7 months ago
New year, new home, new beginning?

A new year

With visions of a better year ahead for 2024 popping into your head, you are forgiven for feeling excited about moving. The Christmas break is the perfect time to start searching as thousands of properties magically appear on the market. Sitting back in your favourite chair by the fire when you have some time to take a step towards a better future is a nice way to relax. A new year always brings new opportunities. If you see yourself and your loved ones sitting in a better garden, enjoying a bigger kitchen, or beaming with smiles because you are living in the location you love, then talk to your agent. The past year has been strong and proves that the UK property market is extremely resilient. Buyer demand is still incredibly strong, and prices are stable. At this time of year, you have the best of all worlds. There is plenty of buyer activity, but also plenty of people who will wait until the market is in full swing in the spring. That means high demand with not-so-high supply, which could lead to a swift sale and the new home you have been looking for.

A new home

The past few years have been eventful, but 2024 looks like it could be the year in which things settle down, which is why many people will choose to do exactly that. Making new friends in a new location, even if it’s in the same town, is an opportunity to make a fresh start. Decluttering your life from all the stuff you have collected over the years is a liberating experience. There is something extra special about doing this as the year begins. Are you craving a better property with a garden and an outdoor living area to cherish, that is, energy-efficient, full of character, cosy, and airy at the same time? Could a move mean a better education for your children? Could it lead to a happier life? Create a healthier life closer to family? A holiday home or a buy-to-let investment? Whatever you are interested in now is your opportunity to make a move before the property market takes off again.  

A new beginning

There is so much to feel positive about as we head into 2024. Interest rates are stabilising, leading to lower mortgage rates and an increase in the number of mortgage types available. There is more time to pay with longer terms, interest-only options, porting, green mortgages, guarantor mortgages, interest-only and offset mortgages, which allow you to use your savings to reduce your balance, meaning you pay less interest. Agents’ listings are full of properties that have had a lot of work carried out, elevating them to new standards. And the market looks nicely placed due to its steady pace built on solid foundations. This is based on high demand and a high rate of mortgage-free home ownership. Don’t be jealous; this helps keep the property market financially secure. In 2021, 32.6 percent of dwellings were owned outright in England.* The market has become more complex than ever, and properties are becoming more individualistic. It takes real expertise and market knowledge to optimise your home move, so you can make the most of your new beginning.  

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