Our tenants asked us...

Can I hang pictures on the walls?
  • Yes if agreed with the landlord beforehand.
  • As per your contract the property must be returned in its original condition (asides from wear and tear) at the end of your tenancy therefore holes must be filled in.
Does the Landlord mind if I paint?
  • This is at your landlord’s discretion and simply needs to be agreed with them. As per your contract the property must be returned in its original condition (asides from wear and tear) at the end of your tenancy.
  • Most tenancy agreements contain a clause that states that, landlords cannot be unreasonable with not allowing changes.
Can I change the Utility Providers?
  • Yes, but be aware that this will require time and organisation on your part.
  • We recommend using ‘Tenant Shop’ to find a provider if you do wish to switch.
Where will my deposit be held?
  • All landlords are required to place their tenants’ deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme (TDP).
  • We recommend that our landlords store their TDP through James Anderson, however there are many schemes available and they may choose their own.
How quickly will the deposit be returned
  • The speed with which this process is completed, depends on the check-out report at the end of the tenancy.
  • Tenants are checked out by an independent party who send a report to the property manager.
  • If nothing is noted as deductible, your deposit should be returned within a matter of days.
  • If deductions are proposed in the check-out report, the process can take longer and even longer still if the deductions are disputed by the tenant. This is due to back and fourth communications between the tenant and the property manager/landlord while disputing these deductions.
  • Our advice is to look after the property and raise any maintenance problems if and when they occur. This way, you can return the property in the condition received it and there should be no problem in returning the deposit swiftly.
How do I serve notice to leave the property
  • Notify your property manager and they will contact the landlord.
  • Note, depending on the terms of your tenancy agreement, you may not be able to leave the agreement on your desired date.
Do I need to take out insurance?
  • No but we recommend tenants take out their own content and income insurance.
  • The landlord will have building insurance but this does not cover your possessions.
Can the Landlord change the locks before I move in?
  • The landlord has the right to change the locks at any stage, however– so long as the agreement has not been breached by the tenant – they are required to provide the tenant with a set of functioning keys.
  • Therefore within the tenancy dates, they cannot do so without informing you.
Am I responsible for mould / condensation?
  • In most cases yes. The tenant is required to keep a property clean and sufficiently ventilated during their tenancy.
  • Be careful when hanging washing indoors. Open windows and notify your property manager if any bathroom ventilation fans, or cooker hood fans are not functioning.
  • Where reported, this will be investigated and any problems resolved.
Could you provide us with a reference?
  • So long as we (the property management company) have collected rent from the tenant, yes we can provide references to new agents.
In a few months we have decided we might want to buy a dog. Is this possible?
  • If it is stated in contract that pets are not allowed, no.
  • This decision lies with the landlord but it can be discussed with them.
As a tenant, why does my landlord need to conduct frequent property inspections?
  • To protect their own investment. If they are reliant on rent from their rental property for income, the landlord needs to ensure that their investment is protected.


Tenant Information:

For those Tenants that are in Fully Managed tenancies (where James Anderson take care of repairs, maintenance and emergencies) we would like to confirm the number to call for Property Management queries and Out of Hours emergencies:


The Property Management number is 0208 878 4277


Between the hours of 9 am and 6 pm Monday-Friday you can reach your dedicated Property Manager by dialing the number above and selecting from the options (press 2 for Barnes, press 3 for East Sheen, press 4 for Putney)


For Out of Hours contact Monday – Friday 6 pm – 9 am and at weekends Friday 6 pm to Monday 9 am you can dial the same number 0208 878 4277 and press 1 for the Emergency Out of Hours assistance.


For tenancies where the Landlord is responsible for repairs and maintenance, we advise that you contact your Landlord directly for assistance.

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